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EDDMapS GIS was developed at the Bugwood Network at the Center for Invasive Species. The primary goal was to create a solution for the general users to be able to map invasive species, look at their data in an online map, analyze trends and patterns, create their own workplans, and share their conclusions.

In order for a solution to be effective though, it needed to be simple to use. We created EDDMapS GIS to compliment the easy to use mobile data apps for data collection. So users can map their invasive weed reports and sightings and then sync their data to the online GIS map. No advanced training or complicated software to learn. It's all done in any web browser and on any device.

Users can take advantage of a robust GIS focused map and never have to learn GIS. They can overlay their existing GIS shapefiles or map services and use the map for easy printing and displaying of data. Sharing your data is easy too because it's all housed inside projects. So all members can access the same project data inside the same web map.

EDDMapS GIS Features

  • Easy to Use
  • No additional software
  • Mobile Data Collection
  • Easy weed reporting
  • All skill levels
  • Secure Environment
  • Custom Projects
  • Create Your Own Maps
  • Overlay Map Services
  • Use Susceptibility Models
  • Your complete solution
  • Online Tutorials
  • Manage your own data
  • Access on mobile devices
  • No training required

Latest App Features

Susceptibility Models

Know where to look for specific invasives

Quick Search

Locate features using the quick query functions

Measure Sites

Calculate acreage and length with a few clicks

Print Quality Maps

New map templates for even better styled maps

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