Common Questions Answered

Getting Started
Where can I see a live demo of EDDMapS GIS?
You can access the online map demo by Clicking Here
How do we get our own EDDMapS GIS online map?
All of our EDDMapS GIS maps are organized into projects.
If your organization would be interested in getting your own project developed, please contact us directly bugwood@uga.edu
Can I limit who has access to our data?
All of our data is organized into projects. There is a designated project coordinator who can grant individual user accounts access to the data layers.
All users are required to have their own FREE EDDMapS accounts
How much does it cost to get our own EDDMapS GIS online map?
The cost of each EDDMapS GIS project will vary depending on the specific needs.
We charge a flat rate of $6500 to build your data into a database and create a live link to the smartphone apps being used for data collection. Then any features and tools are added to the base price. We strive to offer it at the lowest price possible.
Who is EDDMapS GIS?
EDDMapS GIS was developed at the Bugwood Network at the Center for Invasive Species. The primary goal was to create a solution for the general users to be able to map invasive species, look at their data in an online map, analyze trends and patterns, create their own workplans, and share their conclusions.
Where can I go to see help videos?
We have created several tutorial videos for our users to access. You can Watch Them Here
How Do I Get access to the free parts of EDDMapS?
EDDMapS is a free tool created by the Bugwood Network at the University of Georgia. To access the website directly Click Here
Is there a limit on how much data we can have?
We can publish up to 10 GIS layers from your organization to be used as map services for your online map. However, we can create as many custom views and queries from your data that has been uploaded to EDDMapS as you would need. So therefore you can have multiple layers like:
Species Breakouts
By Year of Report
By Treatment
By User
without it counting against your 10 layers
What software do we need in order to use EDDMapS GIS?
NONE. Thats the best part of our GIS solution. All users can access the online map on their computers, tablets or smartphones with any internet browser.
What are the monthly fees?
We charge an annual maintenance fee that is paid up front for 12 months. This includes all of the hosting, access, and maintenance fees included in one cost and includes unlimited users.
Our maintenance fees start at $120 a month.
Are we limited on the number of users we can have?
Once your user has set up a free account at EDDMaps.org the project manager can add them to the GIS project. There is no limit on how many users can be added to the projects.
I'm having trouble accessing the online map demo, who should I contact?
All questions and problems should be addressed by contacting us at bugwood@uga.edu
How much does it cost for custom modifications?
Depending on the modification requested we can usually achieve it for a minimal cost. All work is billed in hourly increments and agreed upon in advance.
How do I reset my user name and/or password?
All user accounts are managed individually and can be accessed by logging on to the EDDMapS website.
Where do I go to register for a free account?
To take advantage of the free tools like distribution maps, presence/absence reports, weed reports, and more- just log on the EDDMapS website.
How do I add more data to our online map?
We have several different ways to add your own data.
1- To add it in just for the current map session (you don't want to add it for everyone to see) you can just drag a shapefile onto the map and it will add it in for you.
2- You can add in any map, image, or feature service by using the ADD MAP LAYER tool in the bottom toolbar
3- To permanently add map layers to the project you can submit them to your project manager and they can get them added
4- To get new weed reports/sightings added just use the smartphone app or upload the data directly to EDDMapS. All data is synced to the EDDMapS GIS project in real-time so your data is always up to date.
Who do I contact if I have questions about EDDMapS GIS?
All questions and problems should be addressed by contacting us at bugwood@uga.edu
Can we pay for special features that are not included?
Yes. We are always working on new tools and features so we might even have your tool already in development. We will always be glad to work with you though to help you create the perfect GIS solution.